OJSC "Altaivagon" has been visited by Valentin Gapanovich, Senior Vice-President of OJSC "RZhD"  RSS


On September 20, the Rubtsovsk subsidiary and the OJSC "Altaivagon" principal enterprise welcomed Valentin Gapanovich, Senior Vice-President for Innovations and Chief Engineer of OJSC "RZhD", who came on a working visit.

Among those taking part in the meeting were Vladimir Gridin, a State Duma member, Dmitry Medvedev, Vice-President for Heavy Engineering of CJSC HC "SDS", and Vladimir Larionov, Head of Rubtsovsk administration. The guests visited the main production departments of the two plants.

During the tour of the Rubtsovsk subsidiary, Valentin Gapanovich paid special attention to how well quality control is organized for the manufactured products, namely large railcar castings. "Such a high technological level of production and quality control is something I’ve never seen at any other Russian plant," was what Senior Vice-President of OJSC "RZhD" said to share his impressions.

At the principle enterprise, the delegation visited the roller bearing wheelset shop that had been launched into operation in 2010, as well as the robotic cell of the underframe shop. The high guests also took the opportunity to visit the new building of CJSC "Railway Transport Technical Equipment Test Center" which is planned to officially open on September 27, 2013.