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Matters concerning the current activities and also the prospective development of the OJSC HC "SDS-Mash" enterprises were discussed at the last scientific and technical council of the machine-building holding company.

The majority of the matters concerned the largest enterprise of the holding company – OJSC "Altaivagon" and its subsidiaries. In view of the economic situation developing on the car-building market (reduction in demand for freight cars due to the freight traffic activities getting lower and, consequently, decrease in prices along with an increasing surplus of rolling stock), the participants of the scientific and technical council reached a verdict that developing new types of products more actively is a must today.

Even now, the enterprise personnel is preparing for certification of flatcars with cubic capacities of 90 and 94 meters, a boxcar with a cubic capacity of 160 meters, a tank car for hauling liquefied hydrocarbons, as well as Motion Control bogie with an increased axle load. Among other matters considered at the council were purchasing necessary equipment and expanding the production facilities for putting new products into manufacture. Moreover, freight car models perspective in terms of the market demand, as well as their component parts, are included in the engineering development plan for the next year.

For Kemerovo Car-Building Company, a subsidiary of "Altaivagon", expanding chemical industry production is a topical issue. Various ways to obtain new orders were explored, and the matter of purchasing necessary equipment was discussed.

The Rubtsovsk subsidiary of "Altaivagon" is preparing to introduce an automatic molding line for light and medium-sized castings. A decision was taken to develop a business plan for further financing of the project.

Starting from the second half of 2013, LLC "Podzemtransmash" has become integrated into LLC "Electroprom". Corporate business development strategy charges the management of both the enterprise and the holding company with difficult tasks to provide maximum utilization of the production facilities of the former "Podzemtransmash". The tasks include rehabilitation of foundry and forging production, expansion of product nomenclature and product price revision, customer acquisition.

Besides, the scientific and technical council approved a list of technical solutions to be patented for the design projects made by the enterprises of the holding company, and also a list of authors for the patented solutions.