The best professionals have been determined at "Altaivagon" RSS


A professional skill competition was held at OJSC "Altaivagon" (OJSC HC "SDS-Mash") just before Machine Builders Day.

60 workers took part in the contest – turners, millers, repairmen, electricians, hand and semiautomatic arc welding operators, each showing his skills in a specially allocated area.

Many names of the participants have become quite familiar to the jurymen; it is not the first time they enter them into the score-sheets. The competition between automatic and semiautomatic welding operators gave no surprises. Alexander Anashkin (underframe shop) completely dominates this division for the third year in a row. However, hand arc welding operators now have a different leader – this time victory was celebrated by Sergey Nechayev from the mechanical repair shop. In fact, the workers from this shop have confirmed the silently recognized status of their department – indeed, only top level masters work here. No wonder, since the shop is responsible for handling difficult repair work on all the plant equipment. The best machine-tool operators, turner Alexander Tyumenev and miller Evgeny Dudin, as well as the best repairman Nikolay Lubyagin, are all from the mechanical repair shop. The title of the best electrician was won by Mikhail Ingovatov (machine assembly shop).

"I participate in such competitions since the time I came to the plant, which is three years already," says Alexander Storozhenko, the bronze medalist among the electricians. "I’m very glad about my result today. I believe events like this add to my professional growth".

Apart from Honorary certificates, the winners were awarded "SDS-Mash" Best in Profession medals, as well as bonuses; the first prize was 10000 rubles, the second 7000, and the third 5000 rubles. Besides, the competition winners have a right to get a higher skill grade.