Boxcar, model 11-280

Boxcar of model 11-280 is used for transportation of one-piece and packaged freight, as well as some other types of dry bulk commodities requiring protection from the weather. The roof of the car is removable, which makes it easier to repair the car when replacing of the roof is required. There can be hatches made in the roof of the car as per the customer’s requirements.


Load capacity 68 t
Maximum tare weight 26 t
Rated axle load 235,0(23,5) kN(tf)
Opening dimensions:
Door opening 3 802х2 334 mm
Side loading hatch opening 614х365 mm
Flue socket O 135 mm
Inside dimensions:
Length 15 724 mm
Width 2 764 mm
Height of coupler center above rail 1 040—1 080 mm
Design speed 120 km/h
Clearance 1-VM(0-T) GOST 9238-83
Truck centers 12 240 mm
Number and type of doors double sliding, non self-sealing, on both sides
Number of side loading hatches 4 pcs

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