Boxcar, model 11-287

Boxcar of model 11-287 is used for transportation of automobiles from the manufacturers to the buyer. Automobiles are to be placed on both lower and upper decks and secured with wheel chocks. The carbody is designed for handling automobiles and protecting them from being damaged or stolen. The floors are made of corrugated sheet steel. Sides have framed metal grids for light and exhaust ventilation when loading or unloading automobiles. Crossover bridge plates are suitable for automobile travel from one car into another.


Load capacity 16 t
Maximum tare weight with ballast 38,5 t
Static axle load 128,0(13,0) kN(tf)
Test axle load 186,0(19,0) kN(tf)
Clearance 1-Т GOST 9238-83
Lower deck door opening height 1820 mm
Upper deck door opening height 1850 mm
Height of coupler center above rail 1060 mm
Minimum curve radiuses per group 2 freight cars
Number of decks 2 pcs
Number of automobiles transported:
VAZ (all except Niva) 10
VAZ 2121 Niva 12

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