Flatcar, model 13-2114

Eight-wheel general purpose flatcar of model 13-2114 is used for transportation of wheel or track vehicles, piece freight, lumber products and other commodities not requiring protection from the weather.


Load capacity:    
with lading equally distributed 72 t
with lading equally distributed over 3 m in the center 45 t
with lading equally distributed between side sills over 4.3 m 60 t
Maximum tare weight 22 t
Length over pulling faces of couplers 14620 mm
Rated axle load 230,0 (23,5) kN(tf)
Truck centers 9720 mm
Floor area 38,45 m2
Width over side sills 2870 mm
Height, rail to top of floor 1300 mm
Length over end sills 13400 mm
Design speed 120 km/h
Clearance 0-ВМ GOST 9238-83

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