Flatcar, model 13-2114-08

Flatcar of model 13-2114-08 is used for transportation of wheel vehicles, logs, lumber, construction materials, large-capacity containers (two of 20 feet or one of 40 feet) and other commodities not requiring protection from the weather.


Load capacity:    
with lading equally distributed 72 t
with lading equally distributed over 3 m in the center 45 t
with lading equally distributed between side sills over 4.3 m 60 t
Maximum tare weight 22 t
Gauge 1520 mm
Number of axles 4 pcs
Maximum rated static axle load 230,5(23,5)
Length over pulling faces of couplers 14620
Height of coupler center above rail 1040-1080
Truck centers 9720
Length over end sills 13400 mm
Width over side sills 2870 mm
Height, rail to top of floor 1300 mm
Design speed 120 km/h
Clearance 0-VМ GOSТ 9238-83

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