Flatcar, model 13-2114K

Flatcar of model 13-2114K is equipped with plates with tiltable supports used for transportation of large-capacity containers. Running gear consists of 2 trucks of model 18-100. All bearing elements are made of low-alloy sheet steel (09G2D-12).


Load capacity 73 t
Tare weight 20 + 3 t
Rated axle load 230,5(23,5) kN(tf)
Height, rail to top of floor 1310 mm
Number of standard containers transported:
1AA or 1A or 1AX type 1 pcs
1BB or 1BX type 1 pcs
1CC or 1C or 1CX type 2 pcs
1D or 1DX type 4 pcs
Length over end sills 13400 pcs
Width over side sills 2870 pcs
Maximum gross weight of loaded container, t:
1AA or 1A or 1AX type, 1 container 30,48  t
1BB or 1B or 1BX type, 1 container 25,4
1CC or 1C or 1CX type, 2 containers 48  t
1D or 1DX type, 4 containers 40,64  t

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