Flatcar, model 13-2116

Flatcar of model 13-2116 is used for transportation of large-capacity containers. Flatcar includes underframe, four-wheel trucks of model 18-100, SA-3 automatic coupler, automatic air brake, hand brake. Underframe includes center sill, side sills, bolsters, end sills and cross-bearers with tiltable supports mounted on them.


Load capacity 72
Maximum tare weight 22 t
Length over pulling faces of couplers 19620 mm
Truck centers 14720 mm
Length over end sills 18400 mm
Width over side sills 2870 mm
Clearance 0-ВМ GOSТ 9238-83
Number of containers transported
1AA, 1A, 1AX (max. gross weight 30.48 t) 1
1BB, 1B, 1BX (max. gross weight 25.4 t) 2
1BB, 1B, 1CC, 1C tank containers (max. gross weight 30.48 t) 2
1CC, 1C, 1CX (max. gross weight 24 t) 3 pcs
1DD (max. gross weight 12 t, (in Russia only) 6 pcs
1D, 1DX (max. gross weight 10.16 t) 6 pcs
Height of coupler centers above rail 1040-1080 pcs
Height, rail to top of center sill 1256 pcs

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