Gondola car, model 12-295 (12-295N)

Eight-wheel all-metal solid bottom gondola car of models 12-295 and 12-295N for transportation of inert bulk, lump, or packaged commodities not requiring protection from the weather, suitable for unloading on car dumpers, as well as for hauling stack or piece freight. The cars have diagonally arranged bottom doors for removing remains of lading.


Model 12-295 12-295Н  
Load capacity 70  70 t
Maximum tare weight 24
 24 t
Axle load 230(23,5)  230(23,5) kN(tf)
Length over pulling faces of couplers 13920  13920 mm
Truck centers 8650  8650 mm
Inside dimensions:     
Length 12690  12690 mm
Width 2890  2890 mm
Height 2050  2250 mm
Maximum cubic capacity 75,2 82,5 m3
Clearance 1-VM 1-VM GOST 9238-83

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