Gondola car, model 12-296-01

Eight-wheel all-metal bottom-door gondola car of model 12-296-01 is used for transportation of inert bulk or lump commodities not requiring protection from the weather. It can also be used for hauling stack or piece freight if secured in accordance with the loading rules. Ends and sides are made as welded structures using metal sheets and stakes. Ends have transverse stiffening elements. The gondola is equipped with outlet doors for unloading dry bulk materials. To prevent dry bulk materials from blowing out, braces for securing a temporary cover shall be provided on the outside.


Load capacity 70 t
Maximum tare weight 23,5 + 0,5 t
Rated axle load 230,5(23,5) kN(tf)
Length over pulling faces of couplers 13920 mm
Truck centers 8650 mm
Length 12722 mm
Width 2911 mm
Height 2250 mm
Cubic capacity 83 m3
Number of outlet doors 14 pcs
Clearance 1-Т GOST 9238-83

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