Scale test car, model A300

Scale test car of model A-300 is used for testing railroad scales. Scale test car is equipped with four-wheel trucks of model 18-100, automatic air brake, automatic coupler, hand brake gear, pullout boom with an electric drive along which the electric hoist moves, with a load lifting capacity of 2 t, for loading and unloading test trucks and calibrated weights. The buyer provides the car with test trucks and calibrated weights.


Maximum weight of equipped car 89 t
Maximum tare weight 33 t
Rated axle load 218,3(22,25) kN(tf)
Length over pulling faces of couplers 13920 mm
Truck centers 8650 mm
Maximum height, rail to top 4600 mm
Width over side sills 2900 mm
Maximum design speed 120 km/h
Clearance 1-Т GOST 9238-83
Number o test trucks 2 pcs
Weight of test truck 2000 kg
Number of calibrated weights 26 pcs
Weight of grade 4 calibrated weight 2000 kg

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