The Corporation

CJSC Holding Company "Siberian Business Union" ("SDS") was founded on August 12, 2004. By October of 2011 the Company had united 41,000 employees of many business organizations of the Kemerovo Region, the Altai Territory and other regions of Russia. In 2004-2010, HC "SDS"’s investments in modernization, technical re-equipment, introduction of new technologies and construction of new enterprises were 30 billion rubles. In 2012, the revenue from the sold products made by the Company’s enterprises was more than 126 billion rubles.

Over one million people, in 2010, made use of the services provided by the organizations governed by the Holding Company, such as Kemerovo Airport, travel and insurance companies, sports, recreational and entertainment institutions.

The enterprises governed by HC "SDS" mine for coal, build railcars, transport commodities by rail, generate heat and electric power, produce electric motors, mining equipment, chemical industry equipment, corn, meat, milk, souvenir products and hundreds of other goods and services. The corporative management of HC "SDS" is performed via sector-specific holding companies: OJSC HC "SDS-Coal", OJSC HC "SDS-Mash", OJSC HC "Novotrans", LLC "SDS-Construct", OJSC HC "SDS-Alco", LLC "SDS Mediaholding", LLC HC "SDS-Energo".

The "SDS" Holding Company makes its contribution in the reinforcement of the political stability in the regions where it operates, concluding an annual Agreement for social and economic cooperation with the Kemerovo Region Administration and the Altai Territory Administration.

The dynamic development of HC "SDS" is ensured by the synergy of the companies of different industries, when modernization of each enterprise is performed in compliance with the interests of the others, and new businesses are established by mutually beneficial and high-efficient using of the material, technical, financial and intellectual resources of the other participants of the Holding Company.

The strategic objective of HC "SDS" is continuous development of each enterprise, providing all favorable conditions for manufacturing and marketing modern competitive products.

To properly equip its mines, factories, electric power plants, service and other businesses, HC "SDS" purchases the world’s best equipment and technologies, improves production and management practices, in order to eventually achieve European-level quality of products and services in Siberia and have solid positions in both domestic and export markets.

The President of CJSC HC "SDS" is Mikhail Yuryevich Fedyayev.

The open joint stock holding company "SDS-Mash" was founded on October 6, 2006, with the aim to improve management and production efficiency, to increase enterprise collaboration for higher product competitiveness, and to provide a comprehensive modernization of production. This sector-specific holding company includes such machine-building enterprises of the "Siberian Business Union" as OJSC "Altaivagon" (Novoaltaisk), the Rubtsovsk subsidiary of OJSC "Altaivagon" (Rubtsovsk), the "Kuzbass Railcar Building Company" subsidiary of OJSC "Altaivagon" (Kemerovo), LLC "Electroprom" (Prokopyevsk).

There are more than 8,000 people working in the enterprises of the Holding Company.